Tuesday, 13 Sep 2022

6 Important Signs That Must Be Researched Before Choosing a Fulfillment Service

Choosing fulfillment services should not be done carelessly. Choosing the wrong partner will actually cause the business to fall apart. It would be very unfortunate if the collaboration that was carried out made you as a businessman suffer losses. In this regard, here are 6 important signs that must be researched before choosing Medan fulfillment services.

Why Can’t You Just Choose a Fulfillment Service?

Establishing a business partnership should not be done like buying a cat in a sack. You must assess various aspects that have the potential to become a threat or problem in the business. You also should not be tempted by cheap prices without knowing the quality you will receive. The fear is, you will feel disappointed because the service is not as you wish.

Until now, fulfillment services have become available throughout Indonesia. They have many warehouses so they can reach more business clients, you don’t have to worry if you don’t find the right fulfillment service partner. Think things through slowly and adapt them to current and future business needs.

What Needs To Be Assessed From Fulfillment Services?

1. Building Condition

The condition of the building is one aspect that plays an important role and needs to be considered properly. It will be very unfortunate if you choose a fulfillment service whose warehouse looks inappropriate. I’m afraid that the goods stored in the warehouse will even be damaged. Of course, this is not what every businessman wants.

The problem of warehouse conditions is also increasingly becoming a basic consideration when choosing Medan fulfillment, especially if your product is food. You should not store food in an unhygienic room. Make sure that every corner of the food storage room is free of dirt. In addition, look deeper for warehouse pests such as rats.

2. Security System

You also need to see how the security system in the warehouse they have. You don’t need to hesitate to discuss one thing during the survey stage. Do not let you choose a fulfillment service whose warehouse security is quite dubious. I’m afraid you will suffer losses because the products stored in there are not properly maintained.

At least in the warehouse there must be CCTV and clear records, when goods enter and leave. This cannot be underestimated because data from fulfillment services is very important for business owners. Of course, the level of security also needs to be even stricter if the product you want to deposit has a high selling value, such as vehicles or jewelry.

3. Clear Business License

Choosing a business partner should not be arbitrary and everything must have legal documents. Make sure that the service provider you choose to have a proper business license. This is important, so that you can avoid Medan fulfillment services that are fake. It would be much better, if they had many clients and a long track record.

That way, you will feel calmer because they are potential partners who are experienced in their fields. Regarding this permit, you should not hesitate to ask questions. The staff on duty will explain everything to you very well. If this question continues to be kept, it will never get a bright spot.

4. Completeness of Service

You also need to see whether the Medan fulfillment service candidate provides complete services or not to his clients. This should be underlined, because at some point you may need a service that you are not currently using. Don’t just adapt to current needs. It would be better if they could handle everything.

In the end, you don’t have to bother looking for new fulfillment services. Of course this is quite inconvenient because you need to do a survey from the beginning and explain everything from scratch. However, if they can help, you just need to contact the staff from Medan fulfillment services and ask them to provide additional services.

6. Prices of Services or Services Provided

The most important factor you need to consider is the price of the services provided by fulfillment services. Adjust the budget with the strength of the business cash. You do not need to choose a service provider that is too expensive just because of the name. Currently, there are many fulfillment services, including the Surabaya fulfillment service, which provide rational prices.

To find fulfillment like that, you have to do a good survey. You should not choose them in a hurry. If everything is done without thinking, then it is very likely for you to choose the wrong business partner. As a result, you also feel dissatisfied with what you have decided yourself and swallow disappointment.

To make it easier to adjust prices, you can ask for details of the costs of each warehousing service you visit. Usually, they will help calculate how much it will cost you if you choose a service. What is clear, the more goods you put into the warehouse, the greater the costs incurred.

Of course, this reason is quite reasonable, because the Medan fulfillment service needs to prepare more space for your products. But again, it all depends on the policy of the fulfillment service itself. Since all terms and conditions are different, you need to note them all carefully. If necessary, invite staff to accompany you to survey the field.

7. Location Distance With Business Center

Picking up goods from the factory or production house to the warehouse is part of the fulfillment service task. That is, it would be much better if the distance between the production house and the warehouse was not too far. That way, the goods will not be too long in transit. Moreover, the condition of the goods is damaged due to shocks or improper storage.

In addition to minimizing the possibility of quality degradation, the short distance will also reduce the cost of pick-up. Sometimes there are fulfillment services that set the goods pick-up rate depending on the distance to be covered. However, it all depends on the regulations owned by each Indonesian fulfillment service.

In this regard, there is a need for further questioning. Don’t let you enjoy Medan fulfillment services without knowing what consequences you have to pay. In addition, make sure that any information explained by the staff can be received properly, and in accordance with what is written in the agreement letter.

That’s some information you need to know related to important things to remember before collaborating with a fulfillment service. It will be very unfortunate if you choose the wrong service provider and do not meet expectations. It would be even better if you ask for advice from fellow business partners or people who are experts in their fields to be more sure.